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Scuola sub

Scuola sub treviso

If you want a more intense scubadiving experience and to widen your knowledge, try the SNSI technical dive training.

Explorer 1

SNSI technical diving increases self confidence

7 academic session and 4 scuba dives in open waters

800,00 € each
tekdiver treviso scuolasub

The SNSI Explorer Diver 1 course will make you a technical diver, training you to dive to a maximum depth of 167 feet /51 meters, beyond the limits of the no-decompression curve. The decompressions are performed with the use of Nitrox and / or pure oxygen.

Explorer 2

Take this challenge and go deeper

5 academic sessions and 4 scuba dives in open waters

900,00 € each
corsi tecnici istruttoresub treviso

With the SNSI Explorer Diver 2 course you will complete your technical training and you will be able to dive beyond the limits of recreational diving. The course enables the use of Trimix mixtures, both normoxic to hypoxic, to a maximum depth of 235 feet / 72 meters, and you will perform decompression ascents using mixtures of  Triox , Nitrox and 100% oxygen.

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