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 scuba diver under water with corals

Scuba College Treviso

Plunge into the Adventure of a Lifetime

Scuola sub

Scuola sub treviso

I only have small class sizes (a maximum of 3 students).

This ensures You receive the most dedicated attention and the safest training ever.

If You decide to become a certified diver with me I will be more than happy to help You achieve this!

 two jelly fish

About me
I' m Carlo, I've been a recreational and technical instructor since 2009
with more than 5.000 dives.
I'm a cave diver, a CCR diver and I just want to tell You:


Scuola sub

Scuola sub


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scuba college centrosub treviso scubadiving

Get Started

The SNSI recreational program will take You from the basics of scubadiving to the rescue diver level.

centro sub

scuba college scuolasub corsosub

Pick your Specialty

The SNSI basic and advanced specialties program will further enhance Your scubadiving skills.

Scuola sub

wreck diver scuba college istruttoresub treviso

Get Technical

The SNSI Technical program will train You to accomplish tech dives using binary or ternary mixtures plus decompression with Nitrox and Oxygen.

Scuola sub

 Close up of sea turtle

The SNSI training program will guarantee You
a Complete Educational System
and a Worlwide Recognized Certification

SNSI is RSTC member since 2000.
The SNSI training system complies with all the (ISO)
International Standardization Organization norms
and exceeds all the standards required.

SNSI scuba college corsosub


31020 Villorba (Treviso) - Italy

+39 347 220 3171

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